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Review the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2023

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led profile

Prolight+Sound is the world's largest and most successful stage lighting and sound technology exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Cooperating with two major exhibition groups, Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany and Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, Germany become. Among them, Musikmesse Frankfurt Musical Instrument Exhibition has been held since 1980, and Stage Lighting and Sound Technology Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Prolight+Sound has been held since 1995. ProLight is the first port of call for visitors interested in professional lighting technology. In addition to lighting technology, projectors, spotlights and lighting-control systems, the hall is the setting for spectacular laser and stage effects in action. The complementary programme of events at Prolight + Sound offers insights into trending subjects, such as intelligent light controls, digital transmission protocols, pixel and voxel mapping and energy-efficient lighting.

led soft light

This exhibition was very successful, and there were many large European exhibitors and construction companies in it. The new products 30W and 80W IP65 mini leko light with zoom, IP65 led ellipsoidal light have been recognized by many customers. At the same time, Some new customers have placed orders on site during the exhibition. Here are some very popular products in this exhibition:

ip65 leko light

30W IP65 Mini Zoom Leko Light

Using LED Citizen, with more brightness and longer life time of 50000 hours, arrays uniformity.  It adopts a novel camera-style rotating lens focusing mode, which breaks the traditional knob focusing mode of leko lights and promotes the development of imaging lights. to new heights.

TH-37480W IP65 Mini Zoom Leko Light

Using the camera-style rotating lens focusing mode, the lens design is closer to the camera lens, unique appearance, die-cast aluminum housing, small size, light weight, clear imaging, sharp spot, for the text Brighten up the tourism market.


300W RGBAL 5IN1 IP65 Ellipsoidal light

Star product, has been the sales champion for a long time, with 4pcs of auto cutting system, and the angle of each slice can be adjusted individually through the DMX512 console. Freely cut triangles, rectangles, rectangles, trapezoids and other shapes, well-designed optical system, fine and uniform light spots without blue edges, fast and smooth electric zoom, auto zoom from 15° to 30°, clear and sharp.

theatre fresnel light

200W Fan-less LED fresnel spotlight

Independently designed housing, fan-less no noise, soft light, natural and smooth, using LCD touch screen, easy to operate, high and low color temperature design, to meet the lighting needs of the scene.

soft light

300W fanless full color led soft panel light

Using die-casting aluminum housing, heat dissipation aluminum cooling system, no fan and no noise; LCD touch screen, can Display brightness, color temperature and address code; bi-color temperature, color temperature adjustable from 3000K to 6000K; adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 8000K; external high-power MEAN WELL power supply, high reliability, strong stability, low failure rate; built-in 4 kinds of dimming curves and a variety of lighting effects, very suitable for all different kinds of event.

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