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New developed embedded conference led panel light

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After day and nights research and development, a new product launched from The One Studio-100W embedded conference led panel light. This year we have developed some new products, such as the 300W IP65 led fresnel light, 300W Led full color panel light etc. The concept of The One Studio is developing professional studio lights and make it accessible to every client. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the LED Studio & Stage Lighting industry for more than 10 years. Only continuous researching and developing that can ensure our high quality of LED lightings then can give our customers the competitive advantage to their market. All kinds of LED studio and stage lights from The One Studio are with superior quality, novel style, precision technology.  And cost performance are widely accepted by the industry. At present, our products have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, etc.

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The 100W embedded manual flip LED conference panel light is a lighting fixture for meeting room. It adopts high-efficiency light source LED chip lamp bead array, color rendering index ≥95, light color consistency, video image color reproduction is true and clear, and meets high-definition shooting. High luminous efficiency, high brightness, to meet the stage illumination; it can be manually flipped at 0-45 degrees, directly used as a surface light or top light, the light is very uniform, and it is very shiny on the human face. It is widely used in video conference rooms, multi-function halls, multimedia conference rooms, lecture halls and other places.

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The 100W embedded led panel light housing is made of high quality die-casting aluminum. Small size with thin body and light weight, very easy to transport and install. Light source with 912 pcs led, 456pcs for warm white and 456pcs for cool white. Led lifetime is more than 50000 hours. Color temperature is adjustable from 3000K-6000K, no noise and shadow of pure beam, rich saturated colors and soft tones. 0~100% linear dimming, from 0 to 100% perfect dimming system with no color change. 120-degree beam angle, 25K flicker-free light source management system. Control panel is LCD touch screen with 4 digital buttons. Control mode can be DMX512 control or manual mode. Cooling system is designed of convection heat dissipation without fan. So it is very quiet, no noise at all. This light very suitable for the meeting room which request no noise. Built-in temperature protection sensor, through automatic adjustment of the lamp power to carry out the temperature protection. With such many advantages, the 100W embedded led panel light will get vey good feedback in the market.


We will continue to work hard to research and develop new products in the future. Only innovation can make us competitive in the market. For more new products, pls follow The One Studio, thank you.

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