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New Model --- 600W LED Follow Spotlight

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Difference Between Halogen Follow Spot and LED Follow Spotlight

Halogen is cheaper to purchase but LED is much more energy efficient and last longer, so the minimum life expectancy of an LED bulb is 15,000 hours compared to a halogen which is only 2000 hours.So if you really think about it, it is all down to the actual sum of purchase  energy consumption/burning hours and you will see that LED actually saves you more money than halogen in the long run. Today would like to share the new products for the High power 600W LED Follow spot light from THE ONE STUDIO, single COB 600W LED lamp with with the features of high brightness,low power consumption, long service life (approx 50000hrs)and Luminous flux output with high quality can be guaranteed, the fluorescent powder has high color reproduction,color index Ra ≥92. Its body is molded with high-pressure die-cast aluminum which makes it light and elegant.

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Comparing the conventional follow spotlight, the LED light source can avoid the difficulty of restart and with the advantages of instant power on and power off. This powerful 600W LED follow spot can realize the functions of manual zoom (9-45degree, the knob can adjust the minimum aperture 2 degree), color change(Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Warm color), linear color temperature(3200K and 5600K Optional) to provide users with very simple. The built-in high-quality color plate and light source spectral distribution with the corresponding color can ensure the purity and efficiency of high color spot. With convection air cooling system ensures a good heat dissipation.The optimum shooting distance can reach around 50 meters.

600w led follow spotlight

In my opinion, LED is cheaper, energy efficient and lasts longer, it is also as decorative and attractive as halogen. So, next time your bulb goes, do not replace with a halogen but go for an LED instead! Follow Spot Light manually operated. Stage follow spot light features adjustable iris, shutters for manual framing and focus. The follow spot can be used in any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer. 

It is mainly used for actor tracking in TV studios, concerts, theater and conference scenes, rentals and wedding receptions, sport, circus attractions and stages.

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