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New Design--220W Led Video Panel Light(1920pcs*0.2W)

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After countless days for studying and developing LED studio lighting technology. In April 2018, The One Studio introduced a new product - 220W Led Video Panel Light, and we have shown on Get Show 2018, Guangzhou. The video panel light is very popular on the exhibition. Most customers ask us to provide the details, here you can get the new product details.


Since the high quality of our LED studio light and the integrity of The One Studio, our stage light products have gained the trust of customers all over the world.

 220W Led Video Panel Light220W Led Video Panle Light

The house of the panel light is designed by ourselves, we use die-casting aluminum case for our led video panel spotlight, it is sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistance and oxidation resistance, good heat dissipation. Meanwhile, You can see that the body of lamp is very thin. Some people see this video panel lamp is big, will think it must be very heavy. No, it's lightweight, so it's light and easy to take.


Display for Led Panel Light 

Another special point for our 220W led video panel light is that we use LCD with Touch Screen, it is convenient to operate and control, and design knob to control dimmer and color temperature, color temperature 3000K-6000K adjustable, it means that you can choose a suitable color temperature between 3000K and 6000K, such as 3500K, 4100K.



Effect for led studio light

What’s more, the 220W led video panel light has RDM Control Protocol, 4 kinds of Dimming Curve, suitable in different occasion. We design the angle is 180 degree, large area of irradiation, but equipped with diffuser board, uniformity of light spot, not dazzling.


Power supplier for Led Video Panel Light

Finally, we use a famous power supply for our 220W led video panel light, it is MEAN WELL power supply.


The One Studio also develop several new studio light products during this year, if you want to know more information, pls contact us or check our company website: www.theonestudio.com.cn

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