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New Arrive 100W Ultra Thin Bi-color LED Soft Panel Light

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THE ONE STUDIO new launch a soft panel light with 100W LED power, base on the led film and flat light,using 912pcs urface-mount SMD LEDs which provide a high output beam and have a higher power-efficiency and longer lifespan than standard LEDs. It is a sleek fixture with only 12cm die-casting aluminum and a 120 degree beam angle . Our this 100w soft panel light allows you to vary the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K at full daylight color temperature or anywhere in between to match prevailing ambient color conditions or work creatively without resorting to filters. Flicker-free dimming from 0-100% brings another level of control. Settings and adjustments are displayed on the easy-to-read by its LCD screen. Both features maintain high color fidelity with a CRI of 95 .

Now ,let’s know more features of this amazing fixture.

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                                       Housing Design

Thanks to its slim and light weight design , you can take it anywhere easily, 12cm thin and 4.97kgs weight ,it is very convenient to install, no matter any high place.

U-shape support and light stand mount, making it ready for worldwide use.

photography lighting

                                 Fanless Cooling System

Considering some occasions request very quite equipment without any noise , that’s why we design its cooling without fan .But pls don’t worry the cooling of it ,we have intelligent temperature controlling system design in the software , it will protect this light for long time using.

professional led light panel

Optic design:

A built-in diffuser softens the light output and minimizes shadows, providing ideal lighting for fashion, portrait, and soft panel light among other video and photo applications. At the same time, integrated barndoors allow you to shape the light output and control light spill. This compact light has a robust, solid build quality thanks to an all-metal housing, and the barndoors are also metal and can be closed during transport or storage to provide complete protection for the front of the light.

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