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Lighting Dimmer Curve - What are they?

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stage lightsIn the Led stage lighting field, some people is wondering on dimmer curve, what are they?


For example, TV cameras are not very good at very low or very high light levels. They can not 'see' the subtle differences. Then you want to concentrate all the fine control in the mid range.


Our eyes have much better dynamic range. We can make out subtle differences in shadows and highlights. In theatre, we need to be darker and more subtle to illuminate the scene than TV cameras. So we want the fine control to be at the bottom (and probably) top end.


We would have different dimmer curves for each application.

Another example, a stage light takes a noticeable amount of time to go from full to blackout. An LED fixture will black out almost instantly. If you mix the two sources in the rig and want them to black out together you could set a 'dimmer' curve in the LED fixture to emulate tungsten.


The dimming curve, commonly called curve, is the correlation between the change in the value of the dimming control signal and the actual change in the fixture’s brightness. Curve is also the extent to which the fixture lags in its response time to the control signal in order to facilitate smoothness in dimming.


All LED stage lights of THE ONE Studio are with dimmer curve, but dimmer curve on different lights are different, some fixtures such as mini led profile lightLed Fresnel spotlight, Led flood light are with only one kind of dimmer, but other such as 220w led video panel light, die-casting aluminum led profile spot light, waterproof led folding spotlight are with 4 kinds changeable dimmer curve, no matter you need for which application, we can provide the suitable fixtures for you.


I think you must ask, so what is the difference between different dimmers? Pls don't worry, I will introduce their differences in my next passage.

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