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LED Ellipsoidal light and Led Fresnel Light on the theater stage (part two)

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Today would like to introduced some of the advantages that LED Profile lights and LED Fresnel spotlights bring to the theater stage. Of course, led moving head (spot and led wash) can also solve these problems, but compared with LED leko ellipsoidal spotlights, there are many inconveniences.

led fresnel light

The first stability issue. The stability of a moving head will change with the length of time it is used. The longer the moving head light is used, its stability will decrease, which may be related to the aging of the electronic components. But these technical issues are not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the trouble that this instability brings to our users.


The color temperature and illumination changes of computer lights are also a problem that affects the performance. Generally, the color temperature and illuminance of computer lights will be reduced to different degrees after a period of use, and the light sources of different brands are also different. Therefore, when we use it, we must first test it, and adjust the lights one by one to make it easy to use. Of course, the uneven color temperature is not particularly obvious to the naked eye, and it will have a great impact on the recording of stage performances.

studio lighting

The size, weight, and power consumption of computer lights are not comparable to LED stage lighting. This is one of the reasons why the spotlight is not as convenient as the LED ellipsoidal leko light. The large volume and weight of the computer light affect its use in the theater surface lighting. In many theaters, especially the older theaters, it is inconvenient to transport the computer lighting surface. The surface light trough and surface light channel, the weight of the light, and the location of the surface light are all problems. The power of the computer light is higher than that of the LED Profile light and theater spotlight, and it consumes more power. Some theater soft lights cannot provide so much power, and separate wiring is either not standardized or safe. These problems in use of the computer lamp itself make it impossible to compare with LED studio light when used as surface white light. Stage theatre light are not only small in size, light in weight, and stable in color temperature. There are elements that affect use such as position shifting and automatic defoaming. Therefore, LED studio spotlights have their unique advantages and advantages when used in theater performances. This LED imaging lights and spotlights can be widely used in theaters and other performance venues, which will provide us with a lot of convenience.

At present, LED is the most commonly used light source, and gradually replaced traditional halogen bulb lamps, becoming the main lamps for theater, studio news, stage, and film and television shooting. The light path design is advanced and reasonable, with light weight, small size, soft projection light, uniform light spot distribution, and large light spot adjustment range. Add luster to our stage and provide designers with the greatest possible possibility.

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