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Innovation of Led Soft Panel Light

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TH-325 01

LED panel lights are a type of lighting fixture designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. ... LED panel lights are constructed in such a way that allows for better illumination conditions. So the led soft panel light plays important role in the stage, studio, TV show , photography and meeting room,etc. Just because the led soft panel light can be used in many places, that the market have high standard for them. The old design and program already can not match martket’s request. High brightness, unique design,  adjustable color temperature , full color, only these function can meet the demands of customers. The market demand is constantly changing, only innovation can meet the demand.

TH-335and TH-336

The One Studio start to make led soft panel light in 2011. At the beginning, we just make simple led panel lights with pin type lamp bead. But customers feedback that they output is unstable. That we make new style panel lights with patch lamp bead. TH-335 and TH-336, these two lights are made with patch lamp bead. IP65 waterproof Die-casting Aluminun housing, uniformity of light spot ,not dazzling. TH-335 can made sigle color warm white or cool white or warm white + cool white. TH-336 can made RBG or single color warm white or cool white. These two light once launched were popular in the market.


After several years, these two lights no longer meet the market requirement. Because the color temperature of them is not adjustable. That we decide to make a new led soft panel light with adjustable color temperature-TH-326. It used Use Improted LED Lamp 1920pcs*0.2W, long life time more than 50000 hours, high brightness. Knob control, color temperature 3000K-6000K adjustable, Equipped with diffuser board,uniformity of light spot, not dazzling. Brand Mean Well power supply, with low fail rate and stable performance. This light has been the sales champion for several years.

TH-325 02

But recent two years, adjustable color temperature and waterproof light housing didn’t catch the eye of the customers. After two years of continuous efforts, we have made a new led soft panel light-TH325. 300W led soft panel light, full color RGBYW, color temperature adjustable from 2700K-8000K. It can also made Bi-color warm white +cool warm, 3000K-6000K. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%. With full DMX control with RDM compatibility. And it is with fanless cooling system, totally quiet, no noise at all. Private light housing with high brightness, very suitable for the meeting room and studio use. Our goal is to continue to innovate to meet customer requirements. For more new products and news pls follow us. 

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