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How to use LED stage theater lights?

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The design of theater stage lighting is a very important part. Whether it is overexposure, insufficient light, or full field dyeing, some small problems will always be exposed, so as to fail to achieve the expected effect. This time, let's start with the types and functions of stage theater lights and talk about the use of stage theater lights.

  • How to use LED stage theater lights?

  • How is the development of stage theater lights?

How to use LED stage theater lights?

Led profile spotlight can manually be operated to follow the main role or the supporting role. It can be placed anywhere. The aperture can be changed and the spot size can be adjusted through zoom and aperture. This led theater light has a built-in CTO filter to reduce the color temperature and is used to match the tungsten light. However, the specific parameters shall be determined according to the scale of the theater. In some large-scale theaters, it will be more beneficial to place the lights from top to bottom.

Led fresnel light is the most common light in theater. The light is concentrated and the spot edge is clear. It can highlight a part and enlarge the spot to illuminate an area. It can also be used as face light, ear light and side light. Because of these functions, led fresnel lights are also very popular in theater light design. This led theater light has zoom function, with three watts, auto zoom or manual zoom options, which can meet the requirements of different sizes of theaters.

Led contour light can obtain light with narrow beam, strong sense of direction and clear edge. The smaller the beam angle, the farther the range.

The clear light beam of LED ellipsoid light is very suitable for creating the light beam of characters in the dark field and highlighting the performance components of another character, such as the light beam of stage setting, road signs and so on.

How is the development of stage theater lights?

After many years of development and progress, China's theater lighting industry has developed rapidly and has become an important international R & D and production center.

Through the research, it is found that the development concept based on advantages, resource integration, technological innovation and diversified development has become the direction of stage theater lighting enterprises. Expanding the service capacity of the cultural industry, customizing R & D and services according to the special needs of the market, and providing technical support for the realization of artistic creativity have also become the growth journey of various LED stage theater lighting companies.

After understanding the functions of these stage theater lights, combined with the scale, design and lighting layout of the theater, we can create a visual feast. THE ONE STUDIO has strict quality control system. Welcome to our homepage at any time to learn more about our products, or you can contact us at any time, and we are glad to serve you.

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