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How to use LED soft lights in the studio?

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The common lighting layout method of TV news studios is the twelve-point scheme design. Various light sources flicker in the middle of the recording and broadcasting area, including surface light, side light, top light, backlight and background light.

  • What are the functions of LED soft lights in the studio?

  • What LED soft light products can be used in the studio?

LED soft light

What are the functions of LED soft lights in the studio?

Light is projected straight from the back of the camera onto an object, and then this beam of light is called surface light and side light. Due to the different directions of face light and side light to the subject, in order to avoid the unclear and glare of the host's face, soft light and uniform LED soft light will be better choices, and its light output will be softer.

The light shines from the vertical direction of the camera, irradiates the head of the subject, and increases the three-dimensional sense of people's upper and lower space. If there is no reasonable choice of studio ceiling light, the host will have less hair and more facial shadows. In the lighting design of TV news studio, it is recommended to select LED soft light with uniform illumination and large luminous area. The design direction of background light and surface light is one-to-one, which mainly lights up the studio background. The LED soft light should not be too bright or too dark. Too bright makes the background prominent; If it is too dark, the real background cannot be highlighted. Therefore, the LED soft panel light with large luminous angle, adjustable brightness, adjustable brightness and stronger operability should also be selected as the background light.

LED soft light

What LED soft light products can be used in the studio?

Recommended product: TH-325 300W dual color LED soft panel light. This 300W high-power LED soft panel light adopts 2112pcs 0.28w chip LED, which can use warm white and cold white at the same time, and the color temperature is adjustable from 3000K to 6000K. The dimming effect from 0% to 100% is impressive. Complete DMX control compatible with RDM. Standard, incandescent, fast and linear dimming curves are available, and the frequency can be adjusted between 500hz-25000hz. LED soft lights operate without fan (without any noise) and can be used in studio and theater applications. The angle of this 300W LED soft panel light is 180 °, and the brightness can be easily adjusted by using DMX512 / RDM control protocol. In this way, the brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the facial features of the characters to achieve better results.

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LED soft light

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