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How to use LED Ellipsoidal Light correctly?

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The LED Ellipsoidal Light is an LED studio light for on-site decoration purpose. Don't turn on the fixture if it's been through severe temperature difference like after transportation. Because it might damage the light due to the environment changes. So make sure to operate the fixture until it is in normal temperature. This light should be keep away from strong shaking during any transportation or movement. Don't pull up the light by only the head, or it might cause damages to the mechanical parts. 

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Meanwhile, Don't expose the fixture in overheat, moisture or environment with too much dust when installing it. And don't lay any power cables on the floor. Or it might cause electronic shock to the people. Make sure the installation place is in good safety condition before installing the fixture. Make sure to put the safety chain and check whether the screws are screwed properly when installing the fixture. Make sure the lens are in good condition. It's recommended to replace the units if there are any damages or severe scratch. Make sure the fixture is operated by qualified personnel who knows the fixture before using. Keep the original packages if any second shipment is needed. Don't try to change the fixtures without any instruction by the manufacturer or the appointed repairing agencies. It is not in warranty range if there are any malfunctions from not following the user manual to operate or any illegal operation, like shock short circuit, electronic shock, lamp broke, etc. 

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The Ellipsoidal Leko light was originally developed for the stage.

The Leko Profile Light is a theatrical spotlight that found its way into the film gaffer’s toolkit. It’s a very specialized fixture — technically called an “ellipsoidal reflector spotlight” — which throws a very tight beam of light that you can shape with a high degree of precision.The Leko excels in getting light to areas that would otherwise be impossible to light. By taping a piece of reflector board to the ceiling or mounting a piece of card to a stand, you can shoot a controlled beam of light from across the set to bounce and illuminate your scene. This is particularly handy when there’s no space behind your actors for heavy lights or cables.

Finally, You can shape the output of the Leko light for very specific uses. A Leko light is also great for special effects. It can project a pattern of light, or even an image, through an accessory known as a Gobo. We can make the Gobo as per your design.

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