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How to install Led Panel Light?

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LED panel lights are an ideal equipment for studio room, photography, conference room and film making sites. They have become increasingly popular because they offer a uniform and extremely harmonious lighting environment that can't be offered by conventional lamps. So far The One Studio have launched many different kinds of led soft panel lights, such as 300w full color led soft panel light, 220w led video panel light, 100w bi-color led video soft light. Installation of led panel lights is an annoying job for many people,especially for the new buyers, so we decided to walk you through the installation process quickly. 


Before we do the installation, here are some notices should be paid attention to :1.For added protection mount the fixtures in areas outside walking paths, seating areas, or in areas were the fixture might be reached by unauthorized personnel. 2.Before mounting the fixture to any surface, make sure that the installation area can hold a minimum point load of 10 times the device's weight. 3.Fixture installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, such as an appropriate safety cable in case to prevent accidental damage and/or injury in the event the clamp fails. 4.Never stand directly below the device when mounting, removing, or servicing the fixture. 5.From a ceiling, or set on a flat level surface(see illustration below), be sure this fixture is kept at least 0.5m (1.5 ft) away from any flammable materials (decoration etc.). 6.Be sure to complete all rigging and installation procedures before connecting the main power cord to the appropriate wall outlet.


After reading above matters needing attention, now we will start to install. Please ensure that the led soft panel light is hung using the appropriate "C" clamp or half cheeseboro. A safety chain or cable should also be used as a secondary point of holding the fixture in case the clamp comes loose. Never hang the fixture without a safety chain or cable.There is an eye-bolt on the back of the fixture to which the safety chain or cable can threaded through and then hung from the secondary point. Make sure the Gel frame (Gel holder) is clipped into position correctly and cannot come loose. If you are not qualified or have any doubts about hanging the led soft panel light then do NOT hang it. Do not clamp the safety cable to the U bracket or clamp. That is not a secondary safety point. A secondary safety point is any point that will adequately hold the led soft panel light if the "C" clamp or half cheesboro fails.Then the safety cable would be the backup and stop the fixture from falling to the ground. So do NOT fix the safety cable to the same place that the "C"clamp is attached.

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