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How to clean LED Ellipsoidal Light?

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Now ignoring maintenance and cleaning is very good way of creating problems "down the road" and many companies and installations do just that. However the net result is, no matter what the fixture, premature failure!

Changing the oil in a car, most people do on a regular basis.

So with the fixtures, regular maintenance it an excellent practice, if you want the fixtures to last. So what is the maintenance for the fixture?

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Clean the Fans Cooling System

First need to turn off the LED Ellipsoidal Lighting. Then using a small vacuum cleaner, suck the dust and “fur balls” out. Please remember do not use a can of co², that will just blast the dust and dirt everywhere! Meanwhile, you need to make sure the fans keep the LED cool and keep the electronics cool too. Without the fan working efficiently and dust free, the fixtures will fail and that will be a lot more costly than having someone. Vacuum the fixtures on a regular basis.

How often should the fans be cleaned? It depends on where the fixtures are; in a very dusty atmosphere once a week. So check the fans on a regular basis, they may not need cleaned every week but a quick “visual inspection” should be done. The front lens should be cleaned so the light output is maintained. The shutter blades sometimes require cleaning as well. With the led profile spotlight turned off, use only a moist lint-free cloth. Never use alcohol or solvents to clean the fixture. Never spray anything onto the fixture at the front or in any place on the fixture.

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Clean the Lenses And Reflectors

Don't use household ammonia and water to clean the lens, as it may damage the glass surface and anti-reflective coatings. Diluted solutions of isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol are recommended (begin with a 10% alcohol solution); please see below. 1. Remove the beam focus knob at the bottom of the barrel. Remove the lens tube from the barrel. Dampen a clean, lint-free cloth with alcohol or water mixture or white vinegar. You may also use water, but it will leave spots which you may remove by polishing the lens gently with a clean, dry cloth. Starting from the center, gently wipe the lens. Slide the lens tube back into the barrel with the color frame retaining clip on top. Replace beam focus knob. 2. Remove the lens tube. Remove dust from the reflector with a blast of oil-free air, or wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth. If this is not sufficient, follow the instructions below. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to complete this procedure. Unscrew and remove the barrel rotation knob located at the bottom of the barrel. Use a Phillips screwdriver to undo retainer bolt located at the top of the reflector housing. Grasp the barrel and rotate it 45° in either direction. Carefully remove the barrel from the reflector housing and set it aside. Dampen a clean, lint-free cloth with alcohol or distilled water. (Alcohol is recommended.) Gently wipe the reflector. Insert the barrel into the reflector housing with the pattern slot on top. 

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