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How to choose your suitable light? Hard light or soft light?

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As you know ,different light can give you different effect, so it is very important for you to chosse hard light or soft light. Some good of the artistic and creative possibilities available to the photographer or cinematographer is played on in this aspect. Here I would like to introduce the difference for both lights and help you to choose the suitable light.


Hard Light

Direct sunlight is hard light. When it falls, it will create sharp shadows with well-defined outlines both on and behind.Then this is a very strong light, which makes every detail stand out, highlighting, for example, all the defects of a face, such as wrinkles, scars and so on.


Soft Light

With a softer light, on the contrary, we will have less sharp edges to shadows and more nuanced outlines. When it in the face, the light will be smooth over defects, wrapping round the subject and making the transition from light to shadow at various points almost imperceptible.

Distance, size and hardness

When we talk about the hardness of light, we can imagine a continuum going from one extreme to the other. However, it is only the nature of the light source that has an effect here; its size and distance from the illuminated subject also contribute to the definition of transitions between light and shadow.

For example, a hard light source trained on the model above, revealing details and creating sharp-edged shadows on the face. If we now bring our light source closer to the subject, we will soften the shadow projected behind,by moving the light source further away, we will have the opposite effect, producing a therefore much sharper shadow behind.

The size of the light source also has an obvious affect on soft and hard light. The smaller the light source, the harsher the effect, and so, if we increase its size, we can, conversely, achieve a softer lighting effect.


As for equipment, Fresnel lights or spotlights generate hard light, as they resemble a point source, while panels and softboxes project a soft light.

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