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How to choose a suitable stage theater lighting?

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In the process of theater stage performance, it is necessary to set off the performance effect through the continuous change of various lights. Therefore, stage theater light equipment is an indispensable part of stage performance. In the whole development process, we can see that the stage lighting has been greatly improved from the initial torch to the current computer lighting.

  • What are the types of led stage theater lights?

  • How to choose a suitable stage theater lighting?

What are the types of led stage theater lights?

1. Led Fresnel spotlight

This adjustment can emit more concentrated laser beams with less scattered beams, and can timely adjust the aperture size according to the stage performance. It is highly practical equipment. Th-352 600W led Fresnel light of one studio is a high-power Fresnel lighting. It uses our efficient warm white + cold white LED system to project a bright, soft and high CRI (95 +) light field. It is an ideal choice for theater and TV studios. The dimming effect is impressive from 0% to 100%. DMX control is compatible with RDM. Standard, incandescent, fast and linear dimming curves are available, and the frequency can be adjusted between 500hz-25000hz. 

2. Led profile light.

The main function of this light is to divide the light. The lights on the stage can be divided into triangles, circles, rectangles, etc. There are many kinds of lights suitable for most stage performances. THE ONE STUDIO th-360 is powered by a single light source 600 W cob led. It has two colors: warm white and cold white. It uses high-precision high-definition optical elements and is packaged in a solid shell. It is designed to withstand strict touring, broadcasting and drama production. Very smooth dimming to the bottom of the curve and flat and uniform light field to achieve excellent gobo projection control options, such as optional PWM, RDM and optional dimming curve, so as to make this almost silent ellipsoid more perfect. 

3: Led floodlight

Led floodlights are installed on the upper part of the stage for lighting. It has a wide range and is one of the indispensable lighting equipment on the stage. One studio TH-336 is a soft lighting fixture with 108 RGB LED, 60 beam angles and 4 adjustable/removable barn doors. Smooth 16 bit dimming, 3-inch DMX and IP65 locked power connection, 4-Button menu control panel and color control buttons, multi unit power link, TV and movie flicker free operation, and multi voltage universal automatic switching power supply (100-240V). 

How to choose a suitable stage theater lighting?

Led Fresnel spotlight is common equipment in stage lighting. This is a perfect stage choice.

Led profile lights are also called shaped lights in stage performances. Many customers choose this model as the stage.

Before and after the stage performance, the performers are required to appear collectively, which puts forward higher requirements for the irradiation area and brightness of the light beam. Led floodlight is undoubtedly a good choice. This model is not only suitable for stage, but also for studio and TV programs.

THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in professional LED studio and stage lighting R&D, manufacturing and marking, and we have more than 10 years of experience in studio lighting LED technology. You can get the latest news of our company's products by checking our website or contacting online 24 hours a day on Facebook, WHATSAPP, SKYPE and WEChat.

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