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How to Choose Equipment for TV Broadcast?

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THE ONE STUDIO is a professional supplier to proceed different kinds of led lighting for the market of TV broadcast room, video room, photography room, theater, museum, gallery and the opera...


Today I'd like to share some LED lighting products and knowledge about how to choose equipment for TV broadcast.


Many video production company setup many studios and webstudios to produce various content for the purpose of TV production or internet TV. In order to do, the green screen technology that we see many from the blockbuster movie to news and daily weather predictions over the TVs.


Basically the video shooting is done with a large green screen background. A second image which usually a surrounding scene is then takes over the green environment during the editing process. The green background is changed to the images so that the readers will see another setting.


led photography light

What's more, studio lighting is important here to get rid of the shadows. Compact Fluorescent lighting and tungsten Fresnel spotlight is usually implemented in the studio for key light and back light effectively. 


As you know, Arri lighting is popular used in the famous TV and film, their Skypanel soft light ,L-series,M-series fresnel light are doing well. But if you think Arri is expensive, then our THE ONE Studio will be your best choice, we have TH-326 220W Led video panel soft light can replace Arri Skypanel , and TH-340 Led Fresnel spotlight to replace L-series and M-series .



The key is to light the background evenly so selection is easier. Use multiple umbrellas and meter the backdrop at several place to ensure even illumination:


  1. If you are shooting your own background, both background and foreground should have same light. Don't place the light on one side of your client's face and have the background light coming from the other direction.


  2.  It also applies to color temperature, to contrast and to depth-of-field: if your subject is on focus, the background should be slightly out of focus.


  3.  Both background and foreground should be shot with same focal length. The human eye perceives this difference very quickly. You can't have a background with 35mm and subject with 105 mm.


    There are a number of reasons why you should choose for green screen photography video production such as the convenience, money savings and flexibility. That's why green screen studios are gaining popularity nowadays. As you are aiming to replace a new background in this photography technique, the major challenge here is how to effectively remove the previous solid green screen background.


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