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How is the LED video panel light composed?

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  LED panel light is ideal equipment for studios, photography, conference rooms and film production places. They are becoming more and more popular because they provide a unified and harmonious lighting environment. This is not available with traditional lights.


l  What are the components of LED panel light?

l  What are the advantages of LED video panel lights?


LED video panel lightLED video panel light

What are the components of LED panel light?

  • LED panel light is composed of light handle, light housing, display, LED light bead board, main board, drive board, power supply and barn doors.

  • The light handle is made of high-quality die-casting aluminum, which is durable and has a strong bearing capacity. There are two knobs on both sides of the handle, which can adjust the light at any angle.

  • The light housing is also made of high-quality die-casting aluminum. The heat dissipation effect is very good. The Th-325 has no fan and is completely dissipated by the light housing. We can see that it is a special design, which not only has good heat dissipation effect, but also has a beautiful and unique appearance. The display screen adopts LCD touch screen, and there are two knobs on the right side of the display screen, which is convenient to control lighting functions such as dimming, color temperature and so on.

  • There are two versions of LED light bead board. The main board and driver board are designed and manufactured by ourselves, just like all our other lights. Therefore, our lights rarely need after-sales service, and the power supply is outside the light shell. It uses the brand mean well power supply. Good quality, strong stability and not easy to burn. Th-325 300W LED video panel lightwith 4 barn doors. It can adjust the barn door to focus the light and reduce the occurrence of glare.

LED video panel light

What are the advantages of LED video panel lights?

  • LED video panel lights have the advantages of low light attenuation value, stable color temperature, uniform lighting, long service life and so on.

  • The performance of the LED video panel light is relatively stable, and the light beam can meet the color temperature requirements of the camera. In the dimming process, the luminous color temperature will not change with the brightness. Therefore, the color temperature of the picture is stable, the details are clear and the color is vivid.

  • The lighting area of LED video panel light is large and uniform, so that the projection body has no scattered shadow, so the lighting difficulty is relatively reduced. At the same time, due to the soft light, it is very delicate when shining on the face, which makes the subject feel very comfortable, and the picture is more beautiful and gentle.

  • LED video panel light has high luminous efficiency, economy and energy saving. LED video panel light only emits visible light and hardly emits light in other spectra, so it is difficult to generate heat.

  • LED video panel light makes the studio environment more comfortable. The cold light source overcomes the disadvantage that the hot light source produces high-temperature radiation. Therefore, even if the LED panel light is used for a long time, it will not feel any change in the temperature of the studio and the light emitted will not be dazzling.

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