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Gallery Lighting Design (Part Two)

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led min leko3. Technology allows it to grow

In addition to the exhibition, the requirements put forward by the museum also play a very important role in the development of the lighting design concept. Applying new technologies and new concepts to the lighting design of art museums can create a living, energetic, realistic, and overall optimized light environment.

4. Control glare

Glare is one of the important factors that affect the comfort of the art gallery's display lighting.There should be no direct glare from the light source or windows or reflected glare from various surfaces in the field of view of the exhibits; the reflection of the audience or other objects on the glossy surface (such as showcase glass or picture frame glass) should not be Obstruct the audience from viewing the exhibits; for oil paintings or exhibits with shiny surfaces, there should be no light curtain reflection in the viewing direction of the audience.When the exhibits are mainly pictures on the walls and sculptures in the center of the exhibition space. The art work on the wall can be illuminated by uniform wall lighting provided by wall lighting equipment or accent lighting provided by spotlights, but both methods must ensure the accuracy of the angle of incidence to avoid interference from reflections on the glass or light-emitting surface.

mini leko

5. Let the space come alive

Museum lighting is usually realized by the cooperation of natural light and artificial lighting.The lighting design concept must focus on the control of daylight and the coordination of natural light and artificial lighting. The daylight can be controlled within a certain range through the building. It can also be used in accordance with the special regulations of the pavilion. At the same time, the lighting fixtures based on track lights can be used. Adjust the installation position of lamps and lanterns combined with different lighting control loop designs to control the lighting. In addition to reducing operating costs, it also gives maximum flexibility in the use of space.

60W mini leko

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