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Different series products from The One Studio

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For the development of led stage light, now more and more customers need led studio light. Studio light is main in used for TV, Studio Room, Thether and so on. So led studio light become more and more popular. But led studio light have special program, only the professional company can develop professional and good quality led studio light. The One Studio is a professional company who is main in produce led studio light, such as led profile spotlight, led fresnel spotlight, led soft panel light, led blinder light and so on.



led profile light

First is profile light series, for the led profile spot leko light, The One Studio have 200W/300W/400W/600W Die-casting Aluminum fixed degree and zoom led leko profile spotlight, 150W/200W/300W PVC led leko profile spotlight, 20W mini Die-casting Aluminum led leko profile spotlight and 200W/300W Aluminum Alloy zoom led leko profile spotlight. For fexed degree, we can produce 19degree, 26degree, 36degree, 50degree. For zoom scale, we can produce 15-38degree, 12-30degree and 25-50degree. Here you can check our company website led profile spotlight series link, all our profile spotlight are showed on it.



led fresnel spotlight 1

Then is our led fresnel spotlight series, we have 200W folding waterproof led fresnel spotlight, 150W/200W/300W/400W/600W led fresnel spotlight and 100W led fresnel spotlight. For 400W, it is RGBW 4in1 fresnel spotlight, and for 600W is Bi-color fresnel spotlight, both them use LCD with touch screen, have 4 kinds dimming curves, dimming fresquency 500Hz-25000Hz, and RDM control mode. These are our professional and special for the led fresnel spotlight.

led soft light

Third is the led soft light series, now we main in produce two kinds led video panel light, one is 200W high brightness led soft light, it is thin and light, it also have 4 kinds dimming curves, dimming fresquency 500Hz-25000Hz, and RDM control mode. And no noise, it is the first choice for TV program. Another one is 432pcs*0.5W led video panel light, it is IP65, it design for use outdoor.


led blinder light

The last is blinder light series, we only produce two kind led blinder light now, one is 4*100W blinder light and another is 2*100W blinder light.Both them use imported LED with high brigtness and high CRI.


And now our compnay is developing 4 kinds new products: waterproof led profile spotlight, 60W mini led profile spotlight, 60W mini led fresnel spotlight and new led soft light. If you want to know more about our product, do not hesitate to contact us.

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