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Difference on Different Lighting Dimmer Curve

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In the last article, we talked about the stage lighting dimmer curve. Here We get some graphical representations from our technician on the differences, hoping to help you know clear on the difference.

led film lights

1. Standard

Standard is a modest curve for intuitive brightness changes at both high and low ends of the dimming range. Standard provides moderate lag in response for good smoothness. It allows quick jump in brightness. Suitable for most applications.

video camera light

2. Incandescent

Exaggerated curve mimics the response of tungsten on a conventional dimmer. Lag is quite pronounced and present even in full on or off bumps. Extreme smoothness with no instant changes. Best when fixtures must operate in sync with incandescent sources.

led panel video

3. Linear

Linear has no curve. Brightness level correlate exactly with the value of the dimming control signal. Moderate lag in response for good dimming smoothness. Linear allows quick jumps in brightness. It is best for studio and stage lighting and applications with static scenes or looks.

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4. Quick

Quick uses the standard dimming curve but with no lag or smoothing. All changes are instant and correlated exactly with the control input signal. Quick is best for extreme high impact and video-based control.

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