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Cultural Tourism Lighting Design

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In recent years, with the continuous growth of my country's comprehensive national strength and the continuous development of tourism, the night travel economy has become one of the engines for the development of the cultural tourism market, and cultural tourism lighting has put a beautiful dress on cultural tourism projects.

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cultural tourism lighting allows us to travel freely at night, walk as we want, see what we want to see, what we want to play, and what we want to consume. It illuminates not only the road at night, but also ours. life. To a certain extent, it is one of the indicators to measure the taste, grade, and artistic and cultural level of cultural tourism projects. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of the government, all walks of life and tourists. Developers can drive the night economic development through the night scene lighting of cultural tourism projects. Spread brand enthusiasm.

So, what elements should be controlled in cultural tourism lighting design?

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1. Ornamental

On the basis of ensuring the safety of scenic spots and guided lighting, lighting should be used to explore the different characteristics and characteristics of each scenic spot, combined with cultural and artistic creativity, so that visitors can enjoy the charm of culture during the tour and reap the value of artistic appreciation.

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2. Interactivity

To satisfy the ornamental nature, it is necessary to move. The landscape moves and the tourists move. Through advanced technologies such as projection, multimedia, and VR, lighting, cultural, creative and technological elements can be integrated to create a dreamy and dynamic interactive experience, so that people can forget the tension and pressure of work during the day, and feel relaxed and happy.

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3. Comfort

Many cultural and tourist attractions are poetry and distant places in the hearts of many people, and you should not blindly pursue the sense of prosperity. This requires the lighting designer to understand the spatial artistic conception and grasp the project theme, carry out targeted conception, planning, and design the presentation style of night lighting, show the simplicity and beauty of natural resources, and let people feel the beauty of leisure and tranquility.

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