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Analysis of the advantages and characteristics of LED studio lights

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LED studio lights are widely used in most industries because of their high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, and multi-function advantages, and they also occupy a very important position in the lighting industry. we have made the following analysis of the advantages and characteristics of LED film and television lamps, hoping to enrich everyone's knowledge and expand everyone's vision.

TH-329 300W WW 19degree

1. Illuminance: For the led theatre lighting fixtures of film and television, illuminance is the first characteristic we require to consider. Compared with traditional tungsten spotlights, insufficient illuminance has always been the biggest problem of LED lights. Low illuminance and short working distance are also the main reasons why LED lamps were not recognized by the industry in the past. However, with the continuous improvement of the luminous power of LED components, the useful illuminance of LED lamps has been catching up with traditional lamps at an alarming speed.


2. Color and light: As early as when LED technology was just involved in the field of film and television lighting, LED lamps were shocking because of their delicate and high-quality color and light advantages. Of course, the price at that time was also shockingly high, just because of low power and low illumination. , It is really unable to match the traditional lamps and lanterns, it has not been paid enough attention. At this stage, when the illuminance is not a problem, the superiority of LED lamps in color light conversion is unmatched by traditional lamps, and it has an overwhelming advantage.

TH-345 200W 3200K 97显指 (2)

3. CRI: When evaluating the quality of a light source, in addition to the often mentioned luminous power, there is an important color rendering sense. The color rendering of a light source refers to the degree of similarity between the restoration and reproduction of various colors of an object under the illumination of a certain light source and the color effect of the object under standard daylight illumination, which is a comparison value of 0 to 100%. The closer the emission spectrum of the light source is to the continuous spectrum of the standard daylight, the better the color rendering of the light source, also known as the higher the color rendering index (Ra).


4. Safety: Long-term high-power use of electricity will also cause aging and heat generation on the power lines of the system. High-temperature lamp body and hot cables are the primary safety hazards for film and television lighting under traditional light sources. Because the LED light source has very good photoelectric conversion power, almost all of the consumed electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the thermal effect is very low, which solves the problem of high temperature of the lamp body from the source. In addition, most of the current LED lamp body manufacturing processes are better than traditional spotlights. The enclosed structure of electronic products makes the protection level of LED lamps mostly reach IP 65. Compared with traditional spotlights, the safety of using LED lamps is greatly improved.

5. Control method: In the traditional spotlight application, the intensity of the light is mainly controlled by the change of the input power voltage. After the led video light provides the basic power, it uses the DMX512 signal to realize various functions to change the control. From the point of view of the control method of LED video lights, LED lamps are more like computer lamps. The large-scale increase of DMX512 signal capacity is the most obvious requirement for the lighting control system after LED replaces conventional tungsten lamps. The 220V direct power supply method, the large-capacity DMX512 signal transmission loop, and the large-capacity multi-function lighting console will form the lighting control system of the TV studio in the future.

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