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2019 Prolight+Sound in Russia

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Firstly, THE ONE STUIDO is at Hall 4.1, E56, below are the deatils of this exhibition.


Exhibition Name:  Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia 2019

Company Name:   THE ONE STUDIO

Booth No.:             Hall 4.1, E56

Duration:               2019/09/12 ~ 2019/09/14

Address:                Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow, Russia

Company website: www.theonestudio.com.cn

At 12th , we already prepare all the samples to the exhibition , below are the list of our lighting fixtures that will show .


TH-345 300W Warm white Die Casting Aluminum LED Ellipsoidal Light

TH-326 220W Bi-color LED Soft Video Panel Light

TH-352 600W Adjustable color temperature LED Fresnel Spotlight with auto zoom

TH-344 300W RGBAL Waterproof LED Profile Spotlight with dmx zoom and cutting

TH-360 Bi-color 3000-6000K LED Leko light with manual zoom

TH-343 20W LED Mini Leko Light with dmx control and remote control

TH-354 60W Cool white LED Mini fresnel Light with manual zoom

TH-373 60W Warm white LED Mini ellipsoidal spotlight with manual zoom

TH-350 100W 3200K Mini LED fresnel light

TH-332 4X100W Warm white LED Blinder Light

Below are some pictures that our team on the way to prepare exhibition . Next week we will share more pictures during the exhibition and wish you will enjoy them . Thank you!


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