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2018 GET SHOW in Guangzhou

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Here we go ! It’s another year for the GET SHOW.

It’s a very important trade show for the stage and studio lighting 

And still our The One Studio attend it as a famous led studio lighting manufacturer, we do get reputation on this field, during the show, not just our customers came, also we attracted many new clients and other manufacturer. We shared our product infos to each one who is willing to develop with the studio light in LED tech that made in China. 

To meet the need of market development, our The One Studio will lunch new items each season.

This time we decided just brought our latest products there - die casting alum profile spotlight, waterproof folding fresnel spotlight, high bright video panel light. And i am glad that we get a lot of positive feedback from clients. As we do spend much time and money for the software, we have a powerful dimmer now, there are 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, quick mode and linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, and flicker-free on the camera, very suitable for all different kinds of event. With such amazing products, we believe its a great progress for products which made in China.


Its a very busy week there ! Because of our professional and patient explain, we got a lot of clients in our booth. We have many different new kind of models with different function, and it’s our duty to introduce them to each clients. 


Hope The One Studio still can meet you on next exhibition !

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