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150w/200w/300w zoom LED Fresnel Spotlight from The One Studio

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With the development of Led Studio Lighting, The One Studio also growing to meet the needs of the market. The One Studio have to prove the strength of the LED Studio & Stage lighting, so we develop several kind of Led Studio Lighting, such as Led Profile Light, Led Fresnel Spot LightLed Video Panel Light, and so on. As we have introduce three kind of our led profile light before, now I'd like to introduce one of our Led Fresnel Lighting. This item is very popular in the past several exhibition.

Zoom LED Fresnel Spotlight

The led fresnel light case is unique ,designed by our factory and made by the sturdy and durable aluminium alloy. Also, design it 3pin and 5pin DMX connection, can be fixed different clients demand. About Led Studio Light, we have two item with zoom from 15°to 50°, one is with manual zoom, and another is with auto zoom. What’s the differents of them. First, manual zoom item is with digital display, but auto zoom is with liquid crystal display(LCD). Second, manual zoom item it is zoom by hang on the light body, but auto zoom item is zoom by controller. You can choose the one item you need .

Application of Fresnel Spotlight

Meanwhile, this product we also make single color, 2in1, 3in1 and 4in1 color, the single color led chip is Nichia from Citizen of Japan, with high CRI and bright effect . Used Led TO replace traditional hologen bulb, with high brightness and longer life time of 50000 hours, the initial light can be maintain 6000 hours.

Fresnel spotlight Cooling system

What's more, the Cooling system is with the fan of Copper tube which is without any noise, it's very quiet and hardly to hear any voice,can be widely use in Studio, TV Show, Program Interview.

Sure, most customres will want to know the lumen with different degree when it is testing on different distance. Don't worry, we have tested them before and get ready for you. One is 200W 15°and 50° another is 300W 15°and 50°. Customers can compare the lumen and choose the suitable one.

China Led studio light manufacturer

Finally, The One Studio will continue to develop new model, if you want to know more information about our products, pls click on our company website: www.theonestudio.com.cn

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