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100W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light

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Led Fresnel Light is a very important basic lighting for studio, theater, church or other sites usage. With customer’s more and more higher request, besides good quality, noise control become another factor. The One as a professional LED studio lighting manufacturer, we always keeping up with the trend of the times. Here we would like to introduce every one our 100w fan-less(no any noise) led fresnel light. This no noise 100w is the upgrade by our old hot-sale TH-350 100w led fresnel light. We improve and change the cooling system from no noise fan to light body itself fan-less without any no noise. From the picture you can see there are four line wholes for ventilation, which shows like four beautiful curves on the light body, very attractive no matter you see it in close or far way. In the meanwhile, for cooling purpose, we enlarge the product size into 331(D)*250(W)*240(H)mm, but in the whole, compare with other high power Fresnel lights, this one is still relative small size.


For this product, we still have four versions for choice: warm white(5600K) and cold white(3200K), 2in1(warm white and cold white LED Engine, constant power 100w, 3200K to 5600K variable-white light that looks just like natural sunlight and mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures), and 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White). With high CRI and bright effect, beam angle can be manually adjusted between 15° and 50°, DMX controlled electronic strobe, dimming is smooth 16-bit impressive from 0% to 100%, flicker free operation for Broadcast TV and Film. 3pin DMX and Power corn in/out connections, 4 button LCD control display panel, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). Rotating 4 barn doors included, easy to install and use. Black body is the normal version, if you have special request, we can do white house too.


100w no noise Fresnel light once launch out, many of customers show great interested in it. Thanks to the small size, customer prefer use it in not very large studio or theater. One of our customer buy 55 units 100W warm white for Taizhou TV studio room. Of course, if you need high power led fresnel light, we can meet your requirement too. That is our another hot-sale product 300w fan-less fresnel light with auto zoom: Auto zoom from 15°-55°, electronic strobe, 16bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type. Not only have regular CW or WW, this one also can do bi-color, 3000-6000K adjustable; RGBAL 5in1 led, adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 12,000K. In Kosovo TV show, customer use 30 units for this project. More details, you can refer to our project news. In the future, The One will have more and more fan-less led studio light, pls keep following us!

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